Our Platform

Advancing the opportunity for a Best in Class Metabolic Disorder platform


GPCR Agonists

The company has utilized smart drug discovery techniques, contracting teams of chemists and biologists who have leveraged new information and tools to more rationally develop interventions for targeting the complex pathology of Multiple Metabolic Disorders.


Design Strategy

Pramana has focused its design strategy on novel and proprietary structures to differentiate its GPCR agonists. This strategy has led to the discovery of potent and selective small molecules for Metabolic disorders treatment.



Pramana has advanced its lead candidate PRM A for the prevention of Hypoglycemia. PRM A is highly targeted and acts a "smart regulator" to glucagon imbalance.



Overseen by a world class scientific team, Pramana has utilized their deep expertise in the development of its potent, selective and proprietary wholly owned portfolio.

Our proprietary class of small molecules targets  Diabetes and Metabolic disorders

Advancing the Potential of a Best in Class Metabolic Disorder platform