A Novel Approach to Therapeutic Development for Metabolic Disorders


GPCR Centric

We are a GPCR centric Biopharmaceutical Company advancing a broad pipeline of biologic drug candidates. Our library of Novel potent GPCR agonists was discovered and optimized in-house.

Our IP portfolio is robust and covers a vast library of wholly owned small molecules, with multiple issued patents. We have the molecular equity and experience to address large unmet medical needs in Metabolic Disorders including Diabetes, Obesity and Nash.

Proprietary technology platform

Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

Overseen by a world class scientific team, Pramana has utilized their expertise in the development of its highly potent, selective small molecules.

The Market

Untapped Opportunity

The need for an oral preventative treatment for Hypoglycemia is just one of many areas of high unnmet medical need associated with Diabetes. We are committed to addressing this.

(Global Healthcare Expenditures of Diabetes is expected to reach $803 Billion by 2040)

The team

Driving Success

We founded Pramana with the vision to enable a scientific team that has a formidable track record of success in drug discovery and development. Our team has brought meaningnful benefit to patients.

The opportunity for an Oral Preventative Treatment for Hypoglycemia is just one of many areas of high unmet medical need associated with Metabolic Disorders. We are committed to addressing this.

The name Pramana is derived from Sanskrit; it means "Proof and Means of Knowledge". It's foundation is based on achieving excellence through expertise.